Cookie Policy

Policy Objective

Our cookie policy has been developed taking into account the privacy and confidentiality of the users visiting the MC Finance JSC website. Cookie Policy.

The cookie policy explains how cookies and other tracking technologies are used on the websites, products and services of MC Finance JSC. MC Finance reserves the right to legally process and protect your data.

About Cookies

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer or another user’s device (such as a mobile phone) while browsing the internet. It contains data related to a particular visitor to the sites. It helps the website recognize you and makes it easier to navigate the website, for example, to remember your choices, trends, compile website statistics, etc. Cookies in no way harm your computer.

Types of Cookies

MC Finance uses several types of cookies (persistent and session) on its website. They differ in purpose of use and shelf life. The cookies used can be updated and adapted over time to improve the quality of service.

Use of Cookies

Cookies allow you to navigate the site and enable MC Finance to tailor the site and its content to your needs.

Using any cookies on the website, MC Finance has the right to collect statistics about your behaviors in order to improve the services available to you, analyze trends and facilitate the use of the website.

The use of cookies on the website also allows MC Finance to protect you, prevent fraud, monitor the website’s data flow, customize the contents of advertisements, etc.

Cookies used by MC Finance on its website do not store data that can directly identify you. Additionally, the data collected will not be transferred to third parties, with the exception of cases described in the Privacy Policy of MC Finance.

A certain part of the information collected about you from MC Finance website is collected automatically. This is done to analyze general trends and better manage our site, products and services.

Receipt of Personal Data

Cookies are not collected on the website in order to collect your personal information. However, some of the processed information can be considered personal data in the understanding of the law. Additionally, MC Finance does not collect personal information about your activities on the internet, third-party websites or online services. However, MC Finance JSC may cooperate with a third party to display advertisements on its website or to manage advertisements on other websites. Any such third parties may use cookies or similar technologies to provide advertising based on an evaluation of your online activity and your interests.

Consent to the Use of Cookies

Before viewing the website of MC Finance, we need to obtain your consent to the use of cookies. A pop-up window on the website will inform you about the use of cookies and will asks for your consent. If you do not accept the request and continue to use the website, confirming you have consented to the use of cookies.

Cookies Restriction

You have the option to control your cookie settings in your web browser (for example, by blocking, controlling or deleting them), but in this case you must take into account that some functions of the MC Finance website may not work and / or may not be available.

Policy Duration

MC Finance reserves the right to change the cookie policy at any time. You are responsible for regularly checking the contents of the Website for changes in the cookie policy. The cookie policy published on July 25, 2019.